Chocolate Espresso Cheesecake Bites
  • Jun 01, 2023

Three (ultra indulgent) words for you: chocolate espresso cheesecake. Though simple on their own, together the flavours of rich chocolate, sophisticated espresso and mouth-watering cheesecake come together to form the perfect chilled dessert.  Ingredients:   Base Crust:   ½ cup finely crushed chocolate wafer cookies  2 tbsp melted butter  1 tsp sugar ...

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Cold-Brew with Strawberry Cold Foam
  • Apr 30, 2023

Bring on the sweetness of spring with this berry delicious twist for chilled Balzac’s coffee. Strawberry cold foam adds the delicious flavour of fresh berries, and a pop of pink that you can’t help but smile at.    Ingredients:   1/2 cup skim milk  2 tbsp strawberry syrup  Homemade Strawberry Syrup: ...

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Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies
  • Mar 30, 2023

Our latest recipe is so egg-stra. Made with everyone’s favourite Easter treat, these Mini Egg Chocolate Cookies are a delicious indulgence that pairs perfectly with your Balzac’s eggs-presso. It’s a treat that every-bunny will be reaching for. Hop to it!   Ingredients:   1/2 cup unsalted butter, melted  3/4 cup brown sugar packed  1/2 cup sugar  2 tbsp milk  1 large egg ...

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Nutella Latte
  • Feb 03, 2023

If there was ever a drink to take the place of dessert, our Nutella Latte would be it! With the delicious flavours of Nutella’s chocolate and hazelnut, Balzac’s Espresso Blend and steamed milk, you’d be nuts to pass on this dessert.  Ingredients:   1 shot of Balzac’s Espresso Blend  1 cup steamed...

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Balzac’s Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls
  • Feb 01, 2023

You’ve had cinnamon rolls before, but you’ve never had cinnamon rolls like this! Our Raspberry Cinnamon Rolls add a sweet swirl of raspberry jam to this classic baked good. Not only are they delicious, but they look beautiful too, making them the perfect addition to your breakfast table.  Ingredients  ...

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Chia Pudding
  • Jan 23, 2023

Espresso Chia Pudding Still recovering from New Year's celebrations? Our Chia Seed Pudding recipe will "pud" a pep in your step! Prep it the night before so you can wake up to a delicious and healthy breakfast, made with Balzac's A Dark Affair. Ingredients 1 cup non-dairy milk 4 tbsp...

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