Farmers' Blend

Medium Roast

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Format: Whole bean
Size: 340 g / 12 oz
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As brisk and bright as a country morning, this hearty blend with a clean acidity is a Stratford favourite!

Taste profile:
Pine Nuts, Green Apple, Chocolate 

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Fairtrade Organic Mexico (washed)
Fairtrade Organic Peru (washed)
Fairtrade Organic Columbia (washed)

Fairtrade Standards are designed to support the sustainable development of small producer organizations and agricultural workers in developing countries. The Fairtrade Standards incorporate a holistic blend of social, economic, and environmental criteria aimed at improvements that benefit producers and their communities. Traders are also covered by the standards, underscoring the commitments companies and businesses must make to contribute to sustainability in their supply chains and operations.

Organic Verification is carried out by accredited certifying agencies. Requirements for this certification include no use of prohibited substances on the land for at least three years. This includes most synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and fertilizers. Other certification requirements include a buffer between the coffee and any other crop not grown organically, a plan that demonstrates methods that prevent soil erosion, and other sustainable agricultural criteria.